Surface painting of glass pendant light

Stained glass pendant light 1

Glass pendant light win the love of most users because of their brilliant luster and its delicate texture.

Common glass pendant light surface treatment processes include painting, electroplating, sandblasting, pickling, painting, etc.

Today we discuss the surface painting process of glass.

Before spraying the glass, there are several pre-treatment processes, the first is to select a clear glass lampshade with a smooth surface without scratches.

The glass shade is then cleaned and air-dried.

The paint master mixes the paint color required by the customer and tests one, and after drying, the color comparison with the sample can be sprayed with all the required glass.

Place the sprayed glass on an iron grid and arrange it neatly.

Push into the oven and bake for hours until the paint is firmly dry and then removed to cool. After passing the inspection, you can put on the PE bag and put it into the carton.

There are several key factors that can affect the effectiveness of the glass surface paint.

1. If the surface of the polished glass itself has defects such as scratches, there will still be defects after painting, and the defects cannot be covered.

2. Be sure to wash the glass with water, otherwise it will still be dirty after painting.

3. Be sure to dry the cleaned glass and make sure there are no water marks before proceeding to the next spray.

4. Wear rubber gloves during cleaning and spraying to ensure that fingerprints are not left on the glass surface.

5. When the freshly sprayed glass is put into the dryer, the paint surface cannot be touched because the paint surface has not yet dried.

6. The baking temperature and time should be grasped well, otherwise it is easy to wrinkle skin or other defects.

7. After the oven, the glass still has residual temperature, and it needs to be carefully placed for a period of time before it can be put into a PE bag and packed.

8. The glass must be put into PE bags or other soft packaging to prevent scratches caused by friction between the glass and other glass or cardboard.

As a professional supplier of glass pendant light, all processes are strictly controlled to ensure that all products are not damaged or defective.

The glass pendant light produced by our company have been continuously reordered and highly praised by dealers from the United States, Britain, Japan, Australia and other countries. Please rest assured to buy.

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