Reason for product damage – shipping method

Less than Container Load(LCL)

Many people have had unpleasant online shopping experiences.

Received a broken product is undoubtedly one of the most maddening experiences of all.

There are many reasons for product damage, such as unreasonable packaging design, rough delivery by couriers and so on.

And today we’re going to talk about the reasons for the logistics companies in the transportation process.

As we all know, a product, from the manufacturer to the hands of consumers, there must be a lot of transport operators involved, express companies, logistics companies, ships or shipping companies, couriers, these roles constitute the whole transport chain.

The picture above shows an employee of a logistics company moving goods from the ground into containers. This is one of those typical Chinese shipments where a worker on the ground lifts the goods high into a compartment with his bare hands, while another worker in the compartment stacks the boxes one by one and takes a breather.

This type of shipment has a potential risk. If a single box is too heavy (more than 15KG), or the box is too large (side length more than 1.2m), or the box has no wooden frame, or there is no binding plastic steel belt (PET), it will be very inconvenient for workers to handle by hand, and it is easy to unload, resulting in the product falling and broken.

In order to reduce the risk of damage, our company will seriously consider the safety of packaging and the integrity of products falling behind in extreme cases during the packaging design. For example, we will use Baolong or pearl cotton to protect fragile parts, control the gross weight of a box within 15KG, and try to minimize the box size. Heavy goods will be packed with wood frame, and the second heavy goods will be packed with plastic steel belt. So as to reduce the burden of the porter, in order to reduce the risk of transport damage.

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