A learning experience with custom wires

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As the most important component of lamps, the quality of wires directly affects the safety and lifetime of lamps.

Our company was commissioned by a Japanese customer and needed to customize a batch of special models of wires.

After hard work, a factory located in Dongguan, Guangdong is willing to accept our order and is invited to visit the factory.

After communicating with the engineer of the wire manufacturer, I deeply learned the production process of the wire and the technical difficulties therein.

Winding of the core of a wire_20230401104710

The picture shows the winding process of the wire core.

1. About the core:

The flexible wire core commonly used in lamps is usually made of multiple strands of high-purity copper wire wound in a certain way. The purpose of winding is to increase the softness of the wire. Electrical copper usually has a national standard and non-standard difference. Non-standard wire cores may use copper with low purity or copper plating on the surface of aluminum wire to reduce the copper content, so as to reduce costs and obtain additional profits. However, the disadvantage is that the resistance of the wire becomes larger, the ampacity decreases, and the heat generation of the wire increases, causing safety accidents.

2. About the insulation layer:

The wire insulation layer commonly used in indoor lamps is PVC, and the thickness requirements of PVC insulation for wires for different purposes are not consistent. In order to reduce costs, some manufacturers may use second-hand PVC plastic, or reduce the thickness of PVC. But in this way, the insulation performance of the wire is greatly reduced, and there is even a risk of leakage.

All our products use certified wires purchased through formal channels to ensure the safety and longevity of lamps. And after the quality personnel carefully inspected, please rest assured to buy and use.

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