Six Characteristics of LED Street Lights

LED Street Light

LED lighting street lights have the following characteristics:

(1) Energy saving, with the characteristics of low voltage, low current and high brightness. The LED lamp as a street lamp has the characteristics of low voltage, small current, high brightness, simple installation, high efficiency and energy saving.

(2) The new type of green environmental protection, LED uses cold light source with little glare and no radiation, and does not emit harmful substances during use. LED is more environmentally friendly, there is no ultraviolet and infrared in the spectrum, and the waste is recyclable. It does not contain mercury and has no pollution and can be safely touched. It is a typical green lighting source.

(3) Long life. Because LED street lamps need to be used continuously, it is also more troublesome to replace them in batches. Therefore, when choosing, long life is also an important factor. The basic service life of LED lighting lamps produced by our company is more than 50,000 hours. fully meet this condition.

(4) The lamp structure is reasonable. LED lamps will completely change the structure of lamps. According to different use requirements, the structure of LED lamps will increase the brightness again through rare earth under the condition of increasing the initial brightness, and through the improvement of optical lenses, the luminous brightness will be further improved. LED is a solid-state light source encapsulated with epoxy resin. There are no fragile components such as glass bulb filaments in its structure. It is an all-solid structure, so it can withstand shock and shock without being damaged.

(5) The light color is simple and the light color is many. LED street lights used as street lights must have a simple light color and do not need too many variegated colors. While ensuring the brightness of the lighting, it is also necessary to ensure the safety of road driving.

(6) High security. The LED light source is driven by low voltage, with stable light emission, no pollution, no stroboscopic phenomenon when using 50Hz AC power supply, no ultraviolet B band, the color rendering index Ra is close to 100, the color temperature is 5000K, and the closest to the sun is 5500K. It is a cold light source with low calorific value and no thermal radiation, and can precisely control the light type and luminous angle, with soft light color and no glare; and does not contain mercury, sodium and other substances that may harm LED street lights.

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