How to choose LED lamps?

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With the rapid development of economy and culture, the indoor light environment design must keep up with the trend, from the original simple satisfaction of basic lighting needs, to the pursuit of a comfortable and pleasant lighting environment, and then to the light environment art with aesthetic value. In the field of LED lighting, it has become a trend to provide users with high-quality lighting products and at the same time provide overall lighting solutions. Since its establishment, Billy Lighting has been committed to becoming an industry-leading indoor LED commercial lighting product provider and solution provider. Billy are leading us to a more environmentally friendly and humanized LED commercial lighting era.

Regarding the selection of LED lamps, you can judge the pros and cons of LED commercial lighting products through some parameters:

1, beautiful. Taking LED spotlights as an example, common LED spotlights: multiple point light sources, COB light sources, multiple point light sources of the same power LED lamps and COB light sources are different in appearance, heat dissipation structure, light curve and actual light effect, the application places are also different, designers can choose different LED lamps according to different application occasions and design styles.

2, The color temperature must be consistent and stable, and the color temperature will not change for a long time. The color temperature of traditional halogen spotlights is 2700K. Now there are some LED products on the market that are easy to change color after a period of time, and the color temperature deviation is very serious.

3, The level of the color rendering index CRI (Ra) directly determines whether it can truly reflect the color of the real object. The color rendering index CRI(Ra) of the sun and traditional halogen spotlights is 100. The national standard stipulates that the CRI(Ra) of LED lights is ≥80. Today, the CRI(Ra) of the LED lighting industry basically reaches 80-90. Some good manufacturers, the color rendering index CRI (Ra) can reach 95 or more. If it is used in some relatively high-end places, such as hotels, high-end stores, etc., the color rendering index must be very high, and it should be as close to the traditional incandescent lamp as possible, so that the original color of the object can be faithfully displayed when it is illuminated on the real object;

4, ife. Now the state stipulates that the luminous flux maintenance rate is above 70% after 25,000 hours of use;

5, The light angle should be good, and no glare can be generated. For example, at an angle of 25°, the light should be in this range. There should be no strong light outside the illumination angle of the lamp;

6, Different styles of lamps should be selected according to different application environments to achieve effective integration of interior architectural design and lighting design.

Designers and owners hope that the selected LED lamps not only have exquisite appearance, but also have natural, comfortable and beautiful lighting effects. At the same time, they should consider saving costs as much as possible. In order to fully meet the needs of customers, enterprises with a sense of responsibility and innovation, in product design, pay attention to the research and development and design of the whole lamp, are committed to the perfect combination of lamps and light sources, and regard the creation of high-quality light environment art as the mission of the enterprise. Billy Lighting is committed to integrating modern new design concepts. The new LED lights have a simple and stylish appearance, comfortable and elegant light, leading the LED lighting market trend. It is believed that in the future, LED lighting products with higher technical content such as novel styles, unique shapes and high light efficiency will be very popular, not only bringing more inspiration to interior designers, but also bringing healthy, Eco-friendly lifestyle.

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