Advantages and disadvantages of LED Car lights

LED Car lights

LED lights refer to lights that use LEDs (light emitting diodes) as light sources. Because LEDs have the characteristics of high brightness, rich colors, low power consumption, and long life, LEDs are widely used in the automotive field.

This article analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of LED lights:

1. Tail lights.

The requirement of the tail light is that the brightness is not too high, but it should be able to attract certain attention and be used for indication and warning.


A. Both red and yellow LED technologies are very mature.

B. LED is small in size and convenient in application, which brings designers a lot of design reverie space.

C. The car power supply is low-voltage power supply, and the design of the power supply circuit is simple.

D. Power saving and energy saving.

E. The LED has good directionality, high brightness within a certain angle, and obvious warning effect.

F. Long service life.


A. The drive circuit is relatively complex (PCB board is required), which brings certain troubles to the shape design.

B. The maintenance rate of LED taillights is poor.

C. The spot design is difficult (but not too difficult)

D. High sealing requirements.

E. The price is a little higher.

In summary, the LED taillight technology is relatively mature and has been adopted by most car body manufacturers.

2. Interior lighting

The interior lighting is mainly used for temporary lighting in the car. It does not require much in terms of color rendering index and color temperature, and even the brightness requirements are not very high.


A. White light brightness, color rendering index, color temperature, etc. are completely suitable for short-term use in the car.

B. The power supply design is simple.

C. LED is small in size and convenient in application, which brings designers a lot of design reverie space.

D. Power saving and energy saving.

E. Long service life.


A. The light pattern design is a little difficult.

B. It is not suitable for long-term lighting. If the lighting is for a long time, a simple heat dissipation design should be considered.

C. Poor maintenance performance.

D. The point light source makes the appearance of the lamp different from the light bulbs we are used to, and the acceptance of people is challenged.

E. The price is a little higher.

To sum up, as interior lighting, LED has certain advantages over traditional lighting.

3. Headlights

For the direction light of the headlight, please refer to 1 tail light; the close-focus light and the far-focus light belong to the type of strong light source, which mainly play the role of front lighting.


A. Power saving and energy saving.

B. The power circuit design is simple.


A. The heat dissipation problem is complicated.

B. The brightness does not meet the requirements.

C. The light type design is complicated.

D. The design of lamps with close focal length and far focal length is contradictory.

E. The sealing requirements are strict.

F. Poor maintainability.

G. The price is very high.

To sum up, there are many technical problems in the design of LEDs as headlights, which can only be solved with certain technical strength.

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