Quality is in the details – Bulk Dining Pendant Lamp Paint Check

Nordic Pendant Light 4

The dining pendant lamp is a common lamp with a very wide range of uses. It has a simple structure and a variety of colors.

The following images briefly illustrate the process of painting a dining pendant lamp and how we ensure that the dining pendant lamp is qualified:

1. An experienced painter is painting a dining pendant lamp.

dining pendant lamp painting_20220708164736

2. The painted dining pendant lamp is entering the dryer.

drying dining pendant lamp_20220708164733

3. The worker is carefully taking out the dining pendant lamp from the exit of the dryer.

Moving dining pendant lamp_20220708164742

4. The quality inspector is carefully inspecting the painted surface.

checking dining pendant lamp_20220708164748

5. Dining pendant lamp with bubbles on the surface are defective.

bubbly dining pendant lamp_20220708164801

6. Dining pendant lamp with sand spots on the surface are defective.

sandy dining pendant lamp_20220708164822

7. Since it is shipped in bulk, the dining pendant lamp must be put into a bubble PE bag and wrapped with paper to prevent secondary damage to the surface of the dining pendant lamp.

packing dining pendant lamp_20220708164807

8. Stack the wrapped dining pendant lights neatly.

bulk stacked dining pendant lamp_20220708164829

9. Pack the lamp into a carton and protect it with a wooden frame.

finished dining pendant lamp_20220709095737
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