Quality is in the details – Multi-head chandelier packaging method 1

modern lighting pendant 3

Multi-head chandeliers have various shapes, and different lamp structures determine different packaging methods.

The following images show how one of the multi-head pendant lights can be safely packaged:

1. The lamp arm is fully wrapped with PE film, and the contact parts of metal parts are wrapped with PE foam to avoid scratches caused by collision between parts.

Light arm wrapped with PE foam_20220707173108

2. The outer surface of the finished product is wrapped with PE foam and PE film to ensure compact and safe structure and avoid shaking.

Lamp body packed with PE foam_20220707173825

3. Other metal accessories also need to be wrapped in PE foam to avoid collision and scratches between accessories.

Ceiling cup wrapped with PE foam_20220707173115

4. Due to LCL, wrap several boxes with electrostatic film and wrap yellow tape on the outside. Guaranteed to minimize the transport volume, thereby saving freight.

Carton assembled with PE film_20220708141934
Carton protected with yellow tape_20220708141945
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