Don’t neglect! The cleaning and maintenance of office fluorescent lamps

Office Grille Lights

With the continuous innovation of emerging technologies, incandescent lamps have gradually become history. Fluorescent lamps occupy an increasingly important position in our daily life and work, especially in offices. However, while enjoying the brightness brought to us by lighting fixtures, don’t neglect the maintenance of lighting fixtures.

Whether it is an electronic fluorescent lamp or an inductive fluorescent lamp, it mainly consists of a bracket or a grid lamp panel, a ballast and a lamp tube. The inductive fluorescent lamp has one more component than the electronic fluorescent lamp, which is the starter, but the easiest.  The dust accumulation is caused by the upper part of the bracket and the upper part of the lamp tube. The grid lamp panel is the most likely to cause dust accumulation and the bracket is slightly different. The most prone to dust accumulation is the inside of the grid and the mirror aluminum reflector. To clean and maintain this kind of lamps, it is recommended to clean from the inside out. Before cleaning, disconnect the power supply, wait for the lamps and lamp parts to cool down, and prepare maintenance tools: anti-static brushes, a small amount of alcohol or volatile liquids , 2 rags.

To clean the grille lamp, first of all, you need remove the lamp tube, then take off the grille plate to check the condition of the ballast. The most important step in this step is to check the appearance of the ballast and the aging of the power cord. Eliminate potential safety hazards in time. Inductive ballasts are different from electronic ballasts. Inductive ballasts do not have a shell. The surface is made of silicon steel. Although there is a varnish (anti-rust paint) between the silicon steel and the silicon steel, due to the inductive ballast. The high temperature generated by the operation of the ballast will bake the paint, and the dust will be covered again to accelerate and shorten the life of the ballast.

After the inspection, using an electrostatic brush to clean the groove on the back of the grille, wipe the mirror aluminum clean and install it, and gently wipe the dust on the lamp tube with a rag. Long-term adhesion of dust will affect the brightness of the lamp. After cleaning in time, connecting the lamp tube and the cleaning and maintenance are completed.

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