How to choose home indoor lighting? Five selection skills

Crystal Chandelier

A ray of warm light can not only increase the decoration effect of the house, but also make the room extra warm, so the choice of lighting is very important. Below, the editor will briefly introduce the selection skills of home lighting for everyone.

  1. Living room of selection

Living room lighting generally uses a generous and bright chandelier or ceiling lamp as the main light, and some wall lamps and spotlights are used as auxiliary lamps. If the living room is taller than 3.5 meters, then it is recommended that you can choose some higher grades If the living room is not very high, don’t choose chandelier. If there is not enough space, you can choose some ceiling lights.

  1. the choice of kitchen lighting

The lamps used in the kitchen are usually based on the principles of waterproof, oily smoke and easy to clean. Generally, we can choose recessed or semi-recessed astigmatism ceiling lights. It is best to consider choosing transparent glass or transparent plastic as the lampshade.

  1. restaurant of options

In general, hanging chandeliers can be used for home lighting in restaurants. In order to achieve the effect, the chandeliers should not be installed too high, just above the eye level of the diners. For rectangular dining tables, install two chandeliers or long oval chandeliers.

  1. study room of selection

The environment of the study should be elegant, quiet, concise and lively. It is best to illuminate the light from the upper end of the left shoulder, or install a desk lamp with higher brightness and non-glaring in front of the desk. The desk lamp in the special study room should be an artistic desk lamp, such as a wall-wound desk lamp or a dimming art desk lamp.

  1. bedroom of options

The bedroom is a place to rest and is generally more private, not suitable for being too public. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose some soft lighting, you can install some soft wall lights or ceiling lights, many people like to install chandeliers, in fact, I think it is not ideal to install them in the bedroom, unless it is really European style and needs to be matched with crystal chandeliers.

This is the end of the five selection skills for home indoor lighting, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone.

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