How to choose suitable bathroom lights? If you choose the wrong one, maybe very dangerous!

Bathroom lamps

Due to the line of the ceiling lamp in the bathroom was broken, and no one was repaired yet, Nancy temporarily bought a floor lamp from a lighting store near the community and put it in the bathroom. The light from the floor lamp can illuminate the entire space. As a result, an accident happened within a few days after the floor lamp was put in the bathroom. The plug of the floor lamp was knocked and loosened, and the plug was immediately overcharged when the plug got wet, almost endangering the safety of the family. Nancy thought it would be no problem to place the floor lamp in the corner of the bathroom space, but she forgot the waterproofness of the plug, so an accident occurred.

Bathroom lamps
Bathroom lamps

The bathroom is different from other functional spaces in that there may be water on the ground and walls. In the bathroom decoration process, some people may like to use a combination of clean and color-changing lamps, but the light source in the bathroom cannot be too sufficient, because too bright will make people move and uncomfortable, and floor lamps should be chosen carefully. When choosing lamps and lanterns under the premise of ensuring the use of light, it gives people a beautiful artistic enjoyment, which is the unified combination of practicality and decoration. Specific to each piece of lighting, some focus on lighting, some focus on decoration, and both. When choosing, it is necessary to consider the needs of family members, the different uses of lamps and the requirements of interior decoration. For example, you can’t choose floor lamps for bathroom, but should choose ceiling lamps that are not easy to leak; bedroom is not suitable for rotating colored lights, but should choose warmer light sources, etc.

Bathroom lamp
Bathroom lamp

In the process of decorating the bathroom, the selection of lamps and the configuration of the light source are very important. The bathroom can choose to install wall lights according to the size of the space. If the bathroom is relatively large, indirect lighting can be used to create a strong lighting effect. Install a downlight on the top of the basin, toilet, bathtub, and shower, so that every key part can have bright light. A shower curtain with a small area in the bathroom is also good, or you can make a groove in the ceiling on the side where the bathtub is placed. Choose the type of light source you like, but it is best to avoid too bright colors. There is no need to install lights in the shower area. In large-area bathrooms, you can install downlights above the bathtub and washbasin, and install makeup lights around the mirror to make it elegant and warm. In small-area bathrooms, you should install the lights on the ceiling, so that it can shine. Shoot, give the space a sense of expansion. The lighting fixtures of the bathroom mirrors should be installed above the eyes and arranged symmetrically.

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