Shipping Method – Protection of Cartons

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There are usually two main modes of transportation of products from the factory to the customer, sea or air.

The sea freight route is relatively simple, and today we are going to talk about air freight.

The goods are sent from the factory and first arrive at the courier, who needs to put a label on the goods, and the function of this label is to identify the path of the goods. The goods will then arrive at the transit station of the city’s express delivery center, which will also attach a label to the goods. The goods then arrive at the provincial transit station, which will put another sticker. After the provincial transfer station, the goods will reach the national express transfer station, that is, Guangzhou shipping station, or other shipping stations, where a label will also be affixed. Then the next stop for the cargo is the air terminal of the importing country, such as the Los Angeles airport station in the United States, where a sticker is also generated. Then there’s the state delivery center, where another sticker is generated. When the goods finally arrive in the customer’s city, a sticker is also generated here. The courier in the area where the end customer is located delivers to you according to the customer’s address, phone number and other information on the label.

Outer box fully labeled_20230404094330

So, after a complicated transit process, you finally receive the goods, and each transfer station will produce a sticker. Finally, you may have 5-8 labels on the outer carton of your product, or even more. But these stickers are all a must. As shown in the picture, one of our customers took photos to show that the carton is full of various logistics stickers. This greatly affects the customer’s secondary sales. As a dealer, there is no need to put so many stickers on the outer box. Therefore, we wrapped a layer of film on the outer box to protect the neatness of the outer box. As shown in the image.

Wrap the carton for protection_20230404094458

As a responsible manufacturer, our company always puts customer experience first. We will do our best to meet the diverse needs of our customers, even in small places.

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