Six Tips for the Perfect Installation of Kitchen Lighting and Fixtures

Kitchen Lighting Installation

Modern home decoration is inseparable from the installation of lighting, and lamps play a vital role in creating a unique family atmosphere. At the same time, the quality of lamps, the strength and color of the light emitted by lamps, etc. The eyesight of people in the family can also have a big impact. How to install the lighting in the kitchen? Billy Lamp shares with you: six tips for the perfect installation of kitchen lighting!

1. The lighting system of the kitchen should be set to be adjustable,, when the light feels dim or dazzling, it can be adjusted, and people will feel more comfortable and at ease. The construction can use the dimming lighting system.

2, The color temperature of the light should be consistent with the atmosphere of the room, at least similar to the color temperature of other areas of the room, such as warm color, use warm light.

3. Don’t just install a single lighting source in the center of the kitchen. In order to improve the kitchen lighting, a multi-level lighting system composed of different lamps and light source should be installed in the kitchen, such as chandeliers, small spotlights, and light strip systems.

4, You can install lamps, such as cabinet lights, at the low point of the uppermost cabinet to reduce the shadows during work.

5, The installation location is also very important. Straight incandescent or fluorescent lamps should be installed towards the front of the cabinet.

This way, part of the light from the lights will hit the backsplash, then bounce off the worktop, and then hit the center of the entire kitchen. It is also possible to install a lighting device above the cabinet for indirect lighting, such as a small spotlight, which illuminates the upper part of the cabinet, which is not only not dazzling but also facilitates access.

6. If the kitchen space is high enough, a transparent or translucent chandelier can be installed on the ceiling as a light source. The chandelier can not only provide excellent lighting at this time, but also a good decorative item.

How to install lamps? How to install lamps to benefit the eyesight of family members? How to install them to help create a happy and harmonious family atmosphere? Through the above, it may help you install lamps!

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