It is not enough to install only ceiling lamps in the kitchen! Kitchen lighting installation skills


Many families are not very careful about the choice of lamps when decorating. Many owners think that the lamps in each functional area are the same. In fact, this understanding is wrong. For example, the lamps in the kitchen and the lamps in the living room and bedroom should be used differently. Yes, because the functions carried by each functional area are different, the lighting effects that need to be satisfied are also different. Next, Billy Lamp will talk about how to choose kitchen lamps?

1. Where should lamps be installed in the kitchen?

1). Ceiling

The ceiling is the most common location for installing lamps. The purpose of installing lamps on the ceiling is to achieve the effect of overall lighting. The function is to add a layer of background light to the kitchen. You can consider installing ceiling lamps or flat lamps or simple dining chandeliers.

2). Operating table

A hanging cabinet or a range hood is generally installed above the operating table, which is bound to block the exposure of light, which can easily have a certain impact on the operation of the housewife. Therefore, a row of lights should be installed above the operating table, under the hanging cabinet, which can effectively improve the efficiency of cooking. You can consider installing down lights or strip light.

3). In the cupboard

The design of a single light source is often not specific and bright enough for subtleties. For example, in the cabinet, it is difficult to see the contents of the cabinet without adding additional light sources, and it is extremely inconvenient to access things at night, so a light source should be added in the cabinet. , which will greatly facilitate our lives, we can consider installing cabinet lights.

2. Precautions for kitchen lamps

1). Embedded light

Recessed lights are very convenient for the kitchen. It is generally recommended to install them above the console or below the wall cabinet to ensure lighting without taking up extra space. Embedded down lights are a good choice.

2). Moisture-proof and oil-proof

Based on the function of the kitchen, the kitchen generates a lot of oil fume and water vapor every day, so when purchasing lamps, you must choose the ones that are moisture-proof or oil-proof, which can not only improve our safety factor, but also facilitate daily cleaning, at least IP44 down light.

3). Simple style

When choosing kitchen lamps, you should choose a simple style and structure, because the kitchen oil is heavy, and the lamps with too complex shapes often face great cleaning difficulties. On the contrary, the lamps with simple shapes are more likely to be favored by the kitchen, because they are easy to clean. Modern cabinet lights are perfect.

3, The choice of kitchen lighting color temperature

1). Warm color temperature

Warm color temperature is a powerful tool to create an atmosphere. Orange light can often give us a warm feeling, but this kind of light is dim and not bright enough to meet the need of kitchen operations. Warm color lights are generally used in areas where brightness is not required, such as bedrooms or dining rooms.

2). Cool color temperature

Compared with the warm color temperature, the cool color temperature has enough brightness and the lighting effect will be better. Because the kitchen need brighter light during operation, the kitchen is more suitable for the cool color temperature light source.

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