Reasons for problems with LED flexible strip light

LED flexible strip light

LED flexible strip light has been widely used in various lighting products. It has rich color, high brightness and low power consumption. It is the first choice for green lighting.

When you go out, if you observe a little, you can see the lighting landscape made by many LED soft strip light around you, which also reflects the extensive use of LED soft strip light. If you are not familiar with the product or use it improperly, this or that problem may arise. The following is an analysis of the reasons for the problems of LED flexible strip light.

1. Phenomenon: There appears a uniform distribution of light and dark in a word.

Reason: This is mainly caused by the fact that the LED flexible light strips are placed too wide and the thickness of the characters is not enough. Some can even clearly see the shadow of the LED soft strip light inside through the board surface. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the distance of the LED soft strip light.

2. Phenomenon: Different light color distributions appear in the luminous characters. There may be cool white light, warm white light, white light, and it looks mottled.

Reason: This is mainly caused by the color inconsistency of white light and the serious color difference. Some customers need white LED soft strip light, but after installing them, they will find that the color difference is serious, so Billy warns everyone: you must not be greedy for small and cheap, and you must buy LED soft strip light products produced by regular manufacturers, so as to have quality assurance. Otherwise, if the light splitting is not meticulous, it will easily lead to the above problems.

3. Phenomenon: The luminous characters made of LED flexible strips have low brightness and look dim.

Reason: This is a problem caused by the serious light decay of the purchased LED soft strip light. The LED soft strip light with poor quality may feel very bright at the beginning, but after a few months, the light decay will be particularly serious. The service life is greatly shortened.

4. Phenomenon: The LED light-emitting character made by the LED soft strip light does not light up a certain stroke or a certain word.

Reason: This may be caused by power supply problems or hidden dangers in the installation of advertising companies, such as content off-line or an error in a certain LED soft strip light, which may cause this phenomenon.

Only by finding the right reasons and taking the right medicine can the problems that arise can be solved. More importantly, when consumers buy LED flexible strip light products, they must not only pay attention to the price but not the quality. The products of regular manufacturers are not only guaranteed in quality , and after-sales service is also more reassuring.

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