LED underwater light installation precautions

LED underwater light

LED underwater lights are more energy-saving and environmentally friendly than traditional underwater lights, and the lights are changing and varied. The decorative effect of LED underwater lights is widely used in landscape lighting systems such as parks and fountains. The market demand for LED underwater lights has increased, and LED lighting manufacturers have also appeared in large numbers. Some things pay attention in the installation of LED underwater lights:

1. The LED underwater light should be powered by a DC constant current power supply. Under the control of constant current power supply, the forward voltage drop of LED wall washer, LED flood light, LED underwater light, and LED underground light will decrease with the increase of LED chip temperature. It doesn’t have much impact. However, if it is driven by constant voltage, the current of the LED underwater light will continue to increase as the temperature increases, and in severe cases, the LED underwater light may even be damaged.

2. Take anti-static measures during the installation of LED underwater lights. In the process of processing, production and installation of LED underwater light products, certain anti-static measures should be adopted, such as grounding the workbench, and workers should wear anti-static clothing, anti-static rings, and anti-static gloves. If possible, install an anti-static ion fan, and at the same time, ensure that the air humidity during installation is about 65%, so as to prevent the air from being too dry to generate static electricity. In addition, LEDs of different quality grades have different antistatic abilities, and LED underwater lights with high quality grades have stronger antistatic abilities.

3. Pay attention to the sealing of LED underwater lights. If the sealing problem is not handled properly, it will directly affect the service life of LED underwater light products.

With the widespread use of LED underwater lights, the precautions for LED underwater lights during installation have become more and more important.

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