LED tunnel light application analysis

LED Tunnel Light

Since recent years, the national economic health development, the national infrastructure construction, the construction of the railway, the railway, and the public road construction. This is an increase in the amount of demand for tunnel lights. Energy saving, energy saving environment, lighting quality of the tunnel, energy saving of the same time, management of the tunnel, special lighting environment of the tunnel.

  1. Tunnel light and LED tunnel light function comparison choice

Immediately, high-pressure lighting for the big city, light source, but high-pressure lighting, illuminating type, color, sensitivity, degree of control, etc., Specially correctability, Overcome high pressure lanterns deficiency, Regular existence, Nowadays the world’s mainstream lighting fixtures. National return stand “Tenjo Manro” Semi-leading body Lighting process new measures, LED tunnel lighting development Unprecedented treatment.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) Immediately developed light bipolar tube, a kind of semi-leading body developed light technology. It is no longer a research-oriented LED, and it is a bright light, and it is an indicator light for the electronic equipment. Arriving technical development, LED lighting, various types of lighting, parallel lighting, major applications, comprehensive and comprehensive signal lighting market, backlight market, street lighting, train lighting market , Outdoor view lighting Japanese room interior lighting market, special lighting market. LED tunnel light light source its unique advantage.

(1) Small LED tunnel lamp wear, thermal design, traditional high-pressure lamp phase ratio, thermal design power saving 40%.

(2) Long life of LED tunnel lamp, 100,000h under ideal condition, 10,000 to 30,000h of life of fluorescent light tube.

(3) Highly acceptable LED lamp, low daily maintenance, mean time between failures (MTBF) 20,000h, mean time between failures (MTBF) 10,000 h.

(4) Low-down power distribution system (electrical, transformer, distribution box, frame, etc.) construction book, opposite long-distance power distribution system, electric power, distribution board occupancy main proportional probability, LED shaft for investment It is possible to invest in large-scale, low-voltage, Japanese-power distribution facilities, etc.

(5) LED tunnel lighting, energy saving method, tunnel road, tunnel energy saving, etc.

(6) High-pressure fluorescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, electrodeless lamp contained in mercury, lead and other chemical pollutants, LED light source non-chemical pollutant material, scented color environment-preserving light source.

  1. great power LED tunnel light design request

(1) Basic lighting for tunnels and nighttime average demand. At the time of the entrance of the white sky car, the road surface brightness descends, the messenger’s view is one-of-a-kind, the general entrance stage is divided into the entrance stage, and the appropriate stage is passed.

(2) Adaptation stage, Adaptation stage Adaptation stage Length (S), Normal vehicle speed (V) or more T = 2s Adaptation time arrival determination, Possible S = VT / 3.6m arrival calculation; Exit stage Lighting, traffic information in the two directions.

(3) Nighttime entrance / exit non-installed lighting, Horanai street lamp lighting, low brightness in Horanai basic brightness 1/2; tunnel in tunnel, basic brightness 1/10.

(4) Rooting China JTJ026-90 << Public road tunnel design >> Medium definition, tunnel entrance lighting area length and road surface minimum brightness standard quasi-appropriate table 1 required design.

  1. great power LED tunnel light design plan

3.1 LED light source choice

LED single-tile flow light import decision LED lumen light correction / rejection tool practical basic guideline, rooting request, LED-like single-tile flow light number for LED lumen lighthouse. , Currently, the amount of critical LED light effect is 90lm / W or more, and the degree of brightness is constantly reduced. Table 2 End of provision Representative Immediately in front of the international frontline. Commercial mass production power rate 1W White light LED main technology participation number. OSRAM for use LUWW5AM LED light source, LED light source for various types, non-uniform color temperature, selectable special feature, LED light source with color temperature close to 4000 ~ 6000K,

effective effect, “Ryo-dong”, Japanese “black-dong” effect.

3.2 Light distribution design

Neseki Kudo lighting requirements, non-uniform lighting fixtures for different lighting stages, Nesetsu optical principle Japanese LED light source high directional special features, rational light distribution for lighting, illuminance requirement or illuminance demanding conditions, low lighting fixture efficiency, arrival Optical purpose.

(1) Incompatibility lighting distribution (backlit lighting) for the entrance stage, the appropriate stage, the entrance stage, and the exit stage, the normal lighting comparison, the ability of the road surface brightness 121%, at the same time. Highly directional favor.
(2) Tunnel basic stage, immediate conventional light distribution type, Ariju light type light distribution, Lambert type light distribution, Lambert type light distribution, etc. Inconsistent light distribution format for inconsistent applications, eg: bat airfoil type light distribution for road lighting, juko type light distribution for illuminating light. Yu Yu tunnel lighting peculiarity, tunnel lighting medium lighting fixture emission density very high, and tunnel lighting medium opposite lighting fixture secondary light distribution format incompatibility general road lighting. Lambert lighting medium bat wing type light distribution, Lambert type light distribution city can illuminance equality requirement, this main reason Yu Yuu bat lighting medium light distance comparison small. Map 1 LED bat-like C0 direction light distribution, left bat road lighting and bat lighting medium comparison common bat wing type light

distribution, right bat airfoil type light distribution. Bat wing light distribution for bats, light distribution for immediate lighting, normal lighting comparison under homogenous illuminance conditions, Noh bat surface brightness 64%, bat surface brightness average degree.

3.3 Dispersion design

LED individual optical equipment 、 Immediately before the world ’s major power LED theory 、 The work process Nakaya only 15% ~ 20% Electric energy conversion On the other hand, the LED-like flow and export of the LED temperature is low, and the LED life is short. Therefore, the LED-like heat-dissipating process is good and bad.

Immediate power rate LED-like heating three main types:

(1) Natural heating, equipped fan fan control heating and heat pipe heating radiator piece technology, etc. Natural convection radiant radiation, convection radiant, easy-to-use waterproof, but convection lamp body main structure design requirement high.

(2) Kaso-Fan fan-controlled heat-dissipating main use Convection-based convection heat-dissipating speed, but Kazunari Honwa-no-pitch, waterproof.

(3) Main use of heat pipe heating and radiator heat pipe technology Main use of heat pipe general LED product.

Yu Yuu Doyo General road phase ratio, unique characteristics, heat pipe heating for our radiator, heat-dissipating heat processing, heat-passing vertical design, actual imitation method, heat-dissipating, LED temperature retention 70 ℃ or less, maintenance LED long-time low light decay regular work, number of radiator-like radiators, radiators.

The flow characteristics in the tunnel, the symmetry of the heat-dissipating cavity, the convection design, the guaranteed air-gas convection, the heat-dissipating cavity, the heat-absorbing structure, and the heat-dissipating effect.

3.4 Structure design

Aluminum alloy outer jar for housing, lamp weight 10 kg or less. LED light source cavity Japanese electric cavity proof, etc. IP65 advance design, heat dissipation cavity proportional IP23 advance design; light source cavity Japanese heat flux ratio rational isolation method, avoidance light source cavity Japanese heat flux heat flow mutual shadow. Non-circulation of air in the tunnel, train tail gas, component recovery, causal LED tunnel lamps, good anti-corrosion, tunnel, other chemicals contained in the air in the tunnel, each structure Processing, usage code GB / T700 0.5 anticorrosion request.

3.5 circuit design

LED-like forward-looking diode characteristics Japanese normal bipolar tube type 、 External voltage positive voltage voltage change 、 The positive current voltage general product change 、 messenger LED internal wear and tear This kind of information development, great power LED general indispensable constant flow system power supply. High voltage source efficiency, low voltage, power source import voltage pressure, rational control, maximum use, internal pressure drop, same power flow, and LED demand voltage pressure. Internal wear is reduced, and the current source is guaranteed to have talent.

General city demand for lighting in the general city Massive lighting equipment, huge power consumption, energy saving, energy saving, LED lighting, power factor, power factor, power factor, energy saving, energy saving Also serves as energy-saving Japanese electromagnetics.

(1) High LED conversion efficiency, high qualitative power source, conversion efficiency of 87%, power factor of 95%, anti-external voltage network voltage wave capability, power supply (96 ~ 264V), constant current circuit design, etc. Constant current type dynamic LED light source, maintenance LED-like life.

(2) Suitable for tunnels, lighting control lines, lighting fixtures, uneven lighting stages, uneven time stages, progress efficiency adjustment, and excellent lighting effect and harmony purpose. Opposite road advance stage entrance stage, suitable stage, transit stage and beyond, non-uniform current advance movement, exhaustion amount approaching route lighting curve request, reaching the best lighting effect; , Passing PWM dimming adjustment “The present.

  1. End words

Great success rate tunnel lighting LED light source production development, design application, national road tunnel, public road tunnel lighting increase and tunnel market, other unreasonable tunnel new light source application filling blank, and low tunnel protection road tunnel One step, full-scale tunnel application.

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