Home lighting in renovation

Home Lighting

In the decoration, lamps are an indispensable thing. It is not so much a decoration project as it is the most basic living needs.

1. The basic concept of artificial lighting

To talk about artificial lighting, we must first understand the basic concepts of lighting:

Luminous flux: The radiant energy that the human eye can perceive. The sum of the products of the radiant energy in each band and the relative visibility of that band. The unit symbol is lm.

Illuminance: The luminous flux density hitting a surface, the symbol is lx. The luminous flux of a 40W incandescent lamp is about 340 lm; the luminous flux of a 40W fluorescent lamp is about 1700-1900 lm.

Basic requirements for indoor lighting:

Illumination, Living Room,  Study,  Kitchen,  Bedroom,  Toilet , Stairs,  Courtyard

General situation 50lx, 70lx,  75lx,  20lx,  75lx,  50lx,  30lx

Special circumstances: Handicraft 1500lx, reading 750lx, eating 300lx, makeup 500lx, shaving 300lx, gathering 150lx

It is not difficult to see from the above table that there are two ways to set up lamps for home lighting:

1). Two sets of schemes are set up according to general lighting and special circumstances. For example, a small lamp and a desk lamp with a higher brightness are used in the study.

2). Set up a set of schemes according to special circumstances: for example, only one headlight is set in the study room.

The first group of schemes above is the better choice. First of all, according to different situations, choose different illuminance, which is beneficial to protect eyesight and avoid long-term too strong or too weak light causing damage to eyesight. On the other hand, it is beneficial to save electricity and thus save money.

2. the choice of lamps

1). The style of lamps

First of all, buy lamps according to their different styles. For example, for modern styles, it is suitable to choose some lamps made of stainless steel and frosted glass. For the traditional European and American styles, it is suitable to use some lamps such as Rococo lines and metallic toners.

Where possible, the lamps in the living room, dining room and bedroom should be of the same design. In our experience, this is possible. Another solution is to keep the living room and dining room in the same style, while the lamps in the bedroom use a different style.

For toilet and kitchen lights, you can use waterproof ceiling lights. Generally, you don’t need to pay too much attention to style. The most important thing is practicality.

2). Types of bulbs

At present, household light bulbs are mainly divided into two types: incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. Incandescent lamps operate on the principle of conductive heating of tungsten or other metal wires, and the lamp color is yellow (sun color). Energy-saving lamps operate on the principle of gas discharge. Its technical name is self-ballasted fluorescent lamps. In addition to white (cold light), there are now yellow (warm light). Generally speaking, under the same wattage, an energy-saving lamp is 80% more energy efficient than incandescent lamps, the average life span is 8 times longer, and the heat radiation is only 20%. Under non-strict conditions, a 5-watt energy-saving lamp can be regarded as equal to a 25-watt incandescent lamp, a 7-watt energy-saving lamp is approximately equal to 40 watts, and a 9-watt energy-saving lamp is approximately equal to 60 watts.

But at present, some products on the market have high prices and poor quality. If you choose improperly, the problem of “energy saving but not saving money” often occurs.

Another thing to note is that ordinary energy-saving lamps cannot be dimmed, so only ordinary switches can be used. Never use a clock-style dimmer switch to control energy-saving lamps. So LED dimmable bulbs are a better choice.

3. Purchase of lamps

The purchase of lamps is very labor-intensive. Before buying, you must fully do the neck warm-up action, and turn your head according to the radio gymnastics method we learned as a child. Otherwise, you will be in a lot of pain when you come back after buying the lamp. Buying lights to see more, it is best to choose the professional lighting market. Many stores only sell styles from a few specific manufacturers, so looking more is the only way. In the professional lighting market, because the styles are concentrated, you can save trouble and effort, and the price is also comparable.

4. the installation of special lamps

The special installation place for household lamps is mainly the modeling ceiling. Many people like to install diffused lamps in the dark, but not everyone can install them well. The trick is:

1). Connect end to end. The LED tubes should be installed one by one. Since you don’t often use diffused lights, don’t worry.

2). The highest position of the lamp tube is at the same level as the edge of the lamp trough frame of the modeling ceiling.

3). Soft light strips can be used in arc-shaped places, and don’t make a big problem.

4). The color of the lamp can be white, yellow and blue (purple). Don’t use other colors, just like red and green. The former is simply a pornographic place, the latter a horror zone.

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