The minefield that must be avoided when decorating and purchasing lamps

Spot light

God said there should be light, and light is the best designer, so the importance of lighting is self-evident. Lighting is an indispensable item in modern homes, and it is also a master of creating a home atmosphere. However, in terms of interior matching, many people have fallen into the pit. Today, Billy will take a look. The most common misunderstandings in lighting selection, let everyone avoid making mistakes!

1. Too many spotlights

There are many trend-seeking and fashionable friends who have noticed that if you don’t want to install the main light, you should not install too many spotlights. Although you can use spotlights to illuminate, too many spotlights not only waste electricity, but also cause poor lighting. Evenly, sitting under the lamp for a long time will make you feel irritable. In addition, in terms of safety hazards, too many spotlights generate a lot of heat, and home improvement products are exposed to high temperature for a long time, which is more likely to cause fires. Therefore, the layout of the lights in the early stage should be carefully considered to reduce unnecessary spotlights.

main lamp

2. There are no lamps installed in the aisle

When I was renovating, I thought the aisle was just a short distance, and there was no need to add a light. After I checked in, I realized that I might have to smear and change my shoes when I got home. It was very inconvenient to pass through the corridor. The aisle is the transition between the living room and each room. Generally, the lighting is poor. In fact, proper installation of lamps is not only convenient for daily life, but also makes the aisle look spacious. If the walkway can no longer install chandeliers, consider placing floor lamps.

wall lamp

3. The color matching is confusing

Now there are many different colors of lighting on the market, but Billy reminds everyone that home is a place to rest, and comfort is the first choice. Mixed light sources may feel cool at first, but accidentally turn your home into a KTV. Therefore, when choosing lighting, it is recommended that you choose a light source with a uniform color tone. Most people like a more warm atmosphere. They can choose warm yellow lighting, or they can be appropriately decorated with other colors.

table lamp

4. There is no double-control switch installed in the bedroom

For some people, they didn’t think carefully before decorating, and only kept one switch in the bedroom. It is very difficult to find the switch when it is dark at night, especially if there are children and the elderly at home, it will be very inconvenient. It is best to install a dual-control switch when arranging wiring in the early stage. Of course, the easiest way is to put a small table lamp or night light at the head of the bed.

chinese main lamp

5. Abuse of energy-saving lamps

Now, energy-saving lamps are widely used in home decoration, and many people choose them as the main light source, but when the light of energy-saving lamps is turned on, it will give people a cold feeling and affect the warm atmosphere of the whole home. Therefore, under normal circumstances, it is recommended that you use energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamps together, so that the color of the light will be warmer.

dining lamp

6. Direct light

There are some lamps with bare bulbs on the market. These lamps are relatively strong, and the strong light directly enters the eyes, which is not very beneficial to human eyes, especially children’s eyes, and will have adverse effects. The method of “secondary lighting” can be used, such as hitting the light on the ceiling and reflecting it, which does not damage the eyes and adds a romantic atmosphere.

glass main lamp

7. Too many light strips

The house price is so high, the general family building space is not very large, the floor height is relatively short, and the height required by the “light strip” has certain requirements, so from the perspective of height and space size, the “light strip” is not suitable for use. At home, it seems depressing. In addition, there are too many light strips, and the space division is not considered, which will give people a feeling of messy space and unclear levels.

living room lamp

8. The style is not uniform

Now there are more and more styles of lamps and lanterns, and the styles are getting better and better, but too many styles are mixed together, but it has become a failure. Generally speaking, the lamps in the same room, such as the living room, bedroom or study, should be unified in style, material and color, and only two styles of lamps can be mixed and matched in a space to form a coordinated overall tone.

dining lamp

When choosing lamps, friends need to pay attention to other places besides quality. Not that brighter lights are better, more colors are better. The correct way should be to use light scientifically, choose light sources and lamps according to needs.

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