Quality is in the details – Welding of Metals

Glass Table Lamps 1

To complete this order, our company ordered a batch of metal brackets from the supplier.

The black frame in the picture 1 below.

Table lamp holder 1_20230501160848

After measurement, we found that all four legs of the bracket were bent.

as shown in picture 2.

Table lamp holder 2_20230501160917

Through communication and learning with the welder, we learned that the main reason for bending is that the iron pipe wall is too thin, and the high temperature generated during welding causes deformation of the support. Therefore, we used more thicker iron pipes to reduce deformation. At the same time, an additional fixture needs to be made to fix the bracket before welding, so that the high temperature and vibration generated by welding do not cause deformation or bending of the bracket. It is also necessary to drill small holes near the welding spot to facilitate the emission of smoke during welding.

When the second batch of samples were made, we found that the deformation was greatly reduced, as shown in picture 3.

Table lamp holder 3_20230501160924
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