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More and more orders are shipped by express, and products go through at least a dozen transits from the factory to the customer. Poor packaging often costs customers. Received lamps are scratched, deformed, or even broken, which often happens.

How do we avoid this from happening? The pictures below show some of the protections we take:

  1. Second-hand dirty PE bags must be replaced to ensure that customers receive new products.
Replace dirty PE bags_20220613092857

2. Metal accessories and glass accessories should be packed separately to avoid breakage, and metal accessories should also be packed separately to avoid scratches caused by collision.

Metal parts separate packaging_20220613093035

3. To save packaging space, the metal accessories that must be put together should be wrapped with PE foam to avoid collision and scratches between the metal accessories.

Right packing method of metal parts_20220613093047

4. Collision and scratches cannot be avoided by relying only on metal parts packaged in PE bags. We have received a large number of customer complaints before.

Wrong packing method of metal parts_20220613093050

5. Careful worker will ensure that the carton seal is tight. Carton seals from careless suppliers are so random that it is hard to believe that the quality of the product is good.

Tight carton sealing_20220613093041

6. Lamps that are easily broken and deformed also need additional wooden frame protection.

Wooden frame protects the carton_20220613092915

7. EMS usually sticks a lot of transfer orders on the outer box. The extra woven bag can protect the cleanliness of the carton and facilitate the resale of the dealer.

EMS packaging and delivery_20220613093053
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