Quality is in the details – Crystal chandelier packaging method 1

raindrop chandelier 7

The crystal lamps are luxurious and brilliant, with a myriad of shapes.
Poor quality packaging may cause customers to receive a pile of glass slag. Only safe packaging can ensure the integrity of the crystal lamp.

The following pictures show a comparison of the two packaging methods of the same crystal chandelier:

1.1. Use thin PE foam to simply wrap the 5 crystal rods together. A slight vibration may cause the crystal rods to collide with each other and break.

thin PE foam wrapped crystal_20220621145204

1.2. Wrap each crystal rod individually with 1cm thick PE foam to ensure the safety of the crystal rod.

thick PE foam wrapped crystal_20220621145148

2.1 Heavy crystals can easily lead to deformation of lamps.

crystals squeezed together_20220621145158

2.2 The weight of the individually packaged crystal rod is greatly reduced, and it is not easy to cause deformation of the lamp.

Each crystal is individually packaged_20220621145140
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