Interpretation of four major key technologies of LED tubes

Interpretation of four major key technologies of LED tubes

Tubes  lamps are widely used in daily life, supermarkets, schools, office cities, subways, etc., wherever you can see the public places, you can see the extensive use of lamps! How to make the service life and brightness of LEDs meet the standard of satisfactory use is a very meaningful topic! To maintain a long life and high brightness of LED lamps, the problems to be solved are: power supply, LED light source, heat dissipation, and safety four key technologies.

  1. power supply

The primary requirement of the power supply is high efficiency, high efficiency products, the lower the heat generation, the higher the stability. Usually there are two solutions: isolation and non-isolation in the power supply part. The volume of isolation is too large and the efficiency is low. In use, there will be many problems in installation. The market prospect of non-isolated products is not as good as that of non-isolated products. Here we mainly use non-isolated products. drive scheme.

  2. LED light source

SMD2835 LED light source, the chip is placed on the pin, and the heat energy directly takes out the heat generated by the chip node through the pin, which is qualitatively different from traditional in-line products and traditional SMD products in terms of heat dissipation. The temperature will not accumulate, thus ensuring the good usability of the light source lamp beads, long life and low light decay of the light source lamp beads.

Although traditional SMD products can connect the positive and negative electrodes through the gold wire of the chip, it also allows the heat generated by the chip to be connected to the pins through the gold wire. The conduction of heat and electricity is conducted by money, and the accumulation of heat takes a long time. It will directly affect the life of the LED tube.

3. heat dissipation

Introducing and applying infrared radiation heat dissipation to lamps is an important means to improve the service life of lamps. In the consideration of heat dissipation, we separate the heat dissipation of the LED light source lamp beads and the heat dissipation of the power supply, without interfering with each other, so as to ensure the rationality of heat dissipation.

There are three ways of heat conduction, convection, conduction and radiation. In a closed environment, convection and conduction are less likely to be achieved, and heat is dissipated by radiation, which is the focus of   tubes.

4. Safety

Safety, here mainly refers to PC flame retardant plastic tube, because infrared heat dissipation can penetrate the PC tube, then we can design and consider the use of LED lights, we can consider its safety more, use the all-plastic physical insulation method, even when using non- The isolated power supply can also absolutely guarantee the safety of use.

The development of LED lamps has been around for a long time. From the perspective of energy saving effect, its future application is broader. In addition to energy saving, its safe and long-life use should also be paid attention to!

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