Reasons for damage to LED lamp chips

damaged LED Chips

LED packaging companies and LED lighting manufacturers will encounter damage to LED lamp beads. For example, we will also encounter such a phenomenon in our daily life, such as LED lighting products that are usually used, such as down lights, spotlights, and track lights. , bulbs, outdoor flood lights, street lamps, wall lamps, and some chandeliers which use LED lamp beads, and some will be damaged in a short period of time.

Next, Billy will take you to analyze the reasons for the damage of LED lamp beads.

There are two main reasons for the LED lamp bead to go out:

1. The excessive leakage current of the LED causes the failure of the PN junction of the LED chip, so that the LED lamp does not light up. This situation generally does not affect the work of other LED lamps.

2. The internal connection lead of the LED chip is disconnected, resulting in no current passing through the LED and causing the lamp bead to not light up. This situation will affect the normal operation of other LED lamps.

How to prevent the damage of LED lamp beads? Static electricity is a very harmful devil to LED lights.

There are countless electronic components damaged by static electricity all over the world, causing economic losses of tens of millions of dollars. Therefore, preventing static electricity from damaging electronic components is a very important job in the electronics industry. Enterprises in LED packaging and application must not take it lightly.

Any problem in any link will cause damage to the LED, making the LED performance worse or even invalid. We know that the static electricity of the human body (ESD) can reach about 3,000 volts, which is enough to damage the LED chip. In the LED packaging production line, it is also very important whether the grounding resistance of various equipment meets the requirements. Generally, the grounding resistance is required to be 4 Ohm, and in some occasions with high requirements, the grounding resistance should even reach ≤ 2 ohms.

The damage of human body static electricity to the LED lamp bead is also very large. You should wear anti-static clothing and wear an electrostatic ring when working. The electrostatic ring should be well grounded.

There is an electrostatic ring that does not need to be grounded. With this product, if the staff violates the operating rules, they should receive corresponding warning education, and also play the role of notifying others.

The amount of static electricity in the human body is related to the different fabrics people wear and their physique. When we take off our clothes in autumn and winter, we can easily see the discharge between clothes. The voltage of this electrostatic discharge is 3,000 volts.

Some companies use manual soldering and use a 40-watt ordinary soldering iron. The soldering temperature cannot be controlled. The soldering iron temperature is above 300-400 °C. Too high soldering temperature will also cause dead lights.

The expansion coefficient is several times higher, and the internal gold wire solder joints will pull the solder joints apart due to excessive thermal expansion and contraction, causing the lamp bead to go out.

In response to the above phenomenon, the LED lamp beads used by “Billy Lamp” are all leading LED manufacturers and packagers in the industry, and they have formulated strict production operation standards to prevent the occurrence of the above phenomenon.

For example, COB LED lamp beads and SMD LED lamp beads and lamp bead boards provided by “Billy Lamp” are encapsulated with Zener diodes to avoid electrostatic damage to LED chips, and our company has strict production quality inspection procedures to ensure the safety of lamps.

At the same time, “Billy Lamp” also provides matching LED drivers and housings. If you have any needs or related questions, please contact the official website email.

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